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We understand that getting the right and timely medical assistance can be tough, especially if you are seeking medical treatment in other country.

To provide the best quality care, Lavender Medicare partnered with specialists and hospitals in several countries, like Singapore, Malaysia and Korea.

With more than 11 years experience in assisting patients for their medical treatments, we are committed to provide a one-stop solutions to your medical needs from finding the right doctors, medical estimation cost, language translation, accommodation, transport and medical evacuation

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Our Vision

To provide quality medical network and services for patients so they can have the best treatment options possible in the most convenient way.

Our Mission

To be a trusted friend to those seeking medical treatment and a trusted partner for our medical practitioners.

We Love

To help patient and their family to get fast medical support with good service.

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We serve patient from the heart. We try to find the best solutions for the patient by giving them advise and support.

We treat you like our own family

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